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5 Ways to Attract More of the Right Applicants for Your Position

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Are your recruiting efforts failing to produce a great pool of candidates you want to hire? Are you getting a lot of applicants that might not fit the position? Are you just not getting many applicants? Evaluating your process is always a valuable practice. Here are some great questions to ask yourself when you evaluate your process to ensure your job postings are being found, attracting the candidates that fit, and the process is smooth.

  1. How many of the right job seekers is my job posting reaching? Some job boards give you access to more job seekers, while some niche boards will give you more success in targeting specific roles. This aspect of the evaluation process is all about collecting data and getting a baseline. Without a baseline, you won’t be able to look at the numbers when and if they change to identify what efforts are working and what efforts are not. Figure out what job boards you currently use, and record the number of applicants you get from them. Here is a great list of niche job boards for specific positions to target the right candidates.

  2. Am I using the best job title? Which is the right job title? Again, do a bit of research and find out. Take the position you would like to fill, and enter it into different job boards to see how many results come up and how accurate the results are. This will give you a sense of what terms are common, and which boards might give you better results than others. You can even use a tool like Google Trends to get a better insight into what people are searching for and adjust your terms to be more prevalent.

  3. Is my job description compelling? The job description is your chance to convince any potential candidates to apply. If your job posting mundanely lists requirements and responsibilities, it comes off as a mundane job. Most job descriptions are an endless list of boring criteria. Create your post to highlight the main tasks needing to be managed and repress the urge to list every possible bullet point. For example, state: Need a project manager who can use technology and empathy, and their organizational skills to manage seven people's projects. Shy away from listing every detail needed to accomplish this task such as “Must know MS Office, HubSpot, etc…” - focus on the goals of the positions, not the minutia. Check out our article on How to Write a More Compelling Job Post for loads of great information on standing out from the crowd.

  4. How wide is my search criteria? Obviously, you have some specific criteria for the position you need to be filled but focus on characteristics that show a candidate could be a high performer rather than what specifics a candidate might not have, and keep an open mind. Give more candidates the opportunity for a conversation with you. You may realize that someone who didn’t fit your original criteria is a perfect fit for a position.

  5. How smooth is the process of finding my posting and applying? Once you post a job, take the time to look for it and apply ‘from the outside’. Search for your job, see how easy it is to be found, then actually apply. Sometimes the application process is over-complicated. For example, if you are asking for a resume, don’t have applicants fill out an online form with all the same information. These things can be timewasters and cumbersome, and lead to candidate drop-off. Identify any roadblocks or points of friction in your application process and minimize them or better yet, eliminate them.

While these steps ensure the traditional methods are efficient and polished, many companies are thinking outside the box to set themselves apart when it comes to recruiting. The most successful recruiting is now coming from companies who are treating their recruitment process like their sales process. They apply sales funnel techniques to finding candidates by ‘selling’ their open position and treating every applicant as a potential sales lead. They contact applicants immediately, nurturing them, and driving them through a sales-like funnel. They stand out from the competition at every stage. They take steps to ensure job seekers are more aware of their open positions. They schmooze a potential applicant to grow interest. They make it easier for potential hires to make the decision to apply. They drive potential hires to take action and apply. From what we have seen of this new, creative, marketing-style recruiting, we are sure that it is the future of hiring.

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